João Iganci (Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Brazil)

Authors: Silvia Teresinha Sfoggia Miotto, Roseli Lopes da Costa Bortoluzzi, João Ricardo Vieira Iganci & Fernanda Schmidt Silveira, Porto Alegre, 2022. 366 p.: 148 il. ISBN: 978-65-5973-142-8

The authors of the book, from left to right: Silvia Miotto, Roseli Bortoluzzi, João Iganci and Fernanda Schmidt Silveira

This newly published book presents the first complete treatment of legume subfamily Papilionoideae for the State of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil. The book presents a synthesis of knowledge acquired over more than four decades of study including extensive and continuous bibliographic research, data compilation and analysis of collections deposited in regional, national and international herbaria, mainly in neighboring countries like Argentina and Uruguay, in addition to vast and intensive field sampling, with excursions covering all the physiographic regions of the State and its diverse vegetation types.

For Rio Grande do Sul, 54 genera, 195 species and 17 native varieties were confirmed, totaling 212 taxa. A description of the Leguminosae family, a key to the subfamilies and description of subfamily Papilionoideae are presented alongside descriptions of genera, species and varieties. For each genus its distribution is indicated and, in the case of genera with more than one species or infra-specific category, keys are presented for identification of these taxa. For all species and varieties, in addition to one voucher, data and maps of occurrence in the physiographic regions of the State, photo plates, information on flowering and fruiting phenology and preferred habitat are presented. 148 plates with photographs of taxa with confirmed occurrence are shown. In addition to taxonomic and geographic data, the book provides information on the economic importance and conservation status of species, as well as chapters on phytogeography, information on tribes and nomenclatural updates to subfamily Papilionoideae. Lists of bibliographic references and scientific and popular names are presented at the end, as well as a glossary of botanical terms.

A few species of Papilionoideae of Rio Grande do Sul. Left to right: Arachis burkartii (photo João Iganci), Muellera torrensis (photo Silvia Miotto), Sellocharis paradoxa (photo R. Ludtke).