Issue 70, Year 2023

Content of the issue 70 (2023)


From the Editors

Welcome Note

Legume Phylogeny Working Group Updates

Legume Phylogeny Working Group Reports

Taxonomy Working Group
Marianne le Roux, Anne Bruneau & Juliana Gastaldello Rando

Phylogenomics Working Group
Felix Forest & Rafaela Trad

Occurrence Data Working Group
Edeline Gagnon, Joe Miller & Jens Ringelberg

Traits Working Group
Renske Onstein & Leonardo Borges

Legume Data Portal
Anne Bruneau, Carole Sinou & Joe Miller


Barneby Award 2024
Ben Torke

Advances in Legume Systematics 14. Part 2
Anne Bruneau, Luciano de Queiroz & Jens Ringelberg

New Book: Papilionoideae do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
João Iganci

New Book: Wattles on the move
Colin Hughes

Mucuna Monograph
Gwilym Lewis

Legumes at the IBC 2024
Rafaela Trad, Greg Kenicer, Ozan Sentürk, Manuel de la Estrella & Dario Ojeda

International Conference on Legume Genetics and Genomics 2024
Michael Udvardi


Artist spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Bobbi Angell
Stephen Boatwright

Artist Spotlight: João Augusto Castor Silva
João Iganci

Galery of Leguminologists

Janet Sprent
Compiled by Euan James, Julie Ardley, Colin Hughes and Peter Young

Josephine (Jo) Kenrick
Compiled by Peter Bernhardt and Helen C.F. Hopkins

Suzanne Koptur
Compiled by Helen C.F. Hopkins

8th International Legume Conference Report
Marcelo Simon & Tania Moura

Student Digest

Student Digest: Oceans and rain dictate Mimosoid species distributions
Ellie Becklund

Student Digest: Comparative anatomy of Mimosoid sympetaly
Monique Maianne

Student Digest: Trait Evolution in the Neotropics
Yago Barros-Souza

Legume Discoveries and New Species Highlights 2023
Colin Hughes


Legume Bibliography
Warren Cardinal-McTeague, with contributions by Colin Hughes, Leonardo Borges