Legume Cover stories

American Journal of Botany 108

Cover image: Variation in the shape of the standard, keel, and wing petals in the pantropical genus Erythrina L., Gonzalo Bilbao. Bilbao G, Bruneau A, Joly S (2021) Judge it by its shape: A pollinator‐blind approach reveals convergence in petal shape and infers pollination modes in the genus Erythrina. American Journal of Botany, 108: 1716-1730.

New Phytologists 229

Cover image: Cross section of a root nodule of Medicago truncatula colonized by its nitrogen-fixing symbiont, Sinorhizobium meliloti, Ulrike Mathesius. Mens C, Hastwell AH, Su H, Gresshoff PM, Mathesius U, Ferguson BJ (2021) Characterisation of Medicago truncatula CLE34 and CLE35 in nitrate and rhizobia regulation of nodulation. New Phytologist, 229: 2525-2534.

American Journal of Botany 107

Cover image: Calliandra fuscipila Harms, a shrub endemic to the campos rupestres of the Chapada Diamantina in northeast Brazil, Erik Koenen. Koenen EJ, Kidner C, de Souza ÉR, Simon MF, Iganci JR, Nicholls JA, Brown GK, de Queiroz LP, Luckow M, Lewis GP, Pennington RT, Hughes CE (2020). Hybrid capture of 964 nuclear genes resolves evolutionary relationships in the mimosoid legumes and reveals the polytomous origins of a large pantropical radiation. American Journal of Botany, 107: 1710-1735.

Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid 77

Cover image: Astragalus wiesneri Maassoumi & Pahlevani, a rare species in alpine habitats in the southern Zagros Mountains of Iran, Amir H. Pahlevani. Pahlevani AH, Maassoumi AA, Osaloo SK (2020) What is Astragalus wiesneri? Disentangling a new species from its relatives in section Anthylloidei. Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid, 77: e103.