Anne Bruneau (Université de Montréal, Canada)
Carole Sinou (Université de Montréal & Canadensys, Canada)
Joe Miller (Global Biodiversity Information Facility, GBIF)

The Legume Data Portal (https://www.legumedata.org/) was launched in September 2021 to encourage international collaboration and exchange amongst scientists and students, and provide a platform to share data and expertise on the systematics and evolution of the Leguminosae with a broad community of users. The legume species checklist arranged by subfamilies is available on the Portal and is being regularly updated there. This checklist provides the taxonomic backbone for all other legume data initiatives and there are many possibilities for adding new data and resources to the Portal. This raises questions surrounding what additional data should be incorporated and what are the criteria and processes for adding something to the portal? Since the portal started, decisions about the Data Portal have been taken largely by Joe Miller (GBIF) and Anne Bruneau, but obviously this is not the best practice. Anne and Joe would like to discuss the Legume Portal content more widely with the legume community to potentially establish a light-touch Content Committee. Please contact Joe and Anne if you would like to be involved and we can progress some ideas and discuss at the August ILC8 (8th International Legume Conference).

Keep your eyes on the home page of the Legume Data Portal for upcoming activities and announcements pertinent to the legume systematics community. If you have news to share (events, prizes, special publications), send us a short summary and photo so that we can post them on the Portal.

*Calliandra nebulosa* Barneby (Caesalpinioideae), photo by Colin Hughes.

Calliandra nebulosa Barneby (Caesalpinioideae), photo by Colin Hughes.