Warren Cardinal-McTeague (University of British Columbia, Canada) with contributions by Colin Hughes (University of Zürich, Switzerland) Leonardo Borges (Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil) Gwilym P. Lewis (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK)

A total of 151 new publications are presented in the 2022 Bibliography. Compared to recent years, we present a reduced list with emphasis on the following subjects.

Bibliography Index

Anatomy, Morphology & Development=12
Floristics & Conservation=12
Phylogeny & Evolution=12
Systematics & Taxonomy=58
New Species=28

Anatomy, Morphology & Development - 12

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Biogeography - 7

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Ecology - 7

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Floristics & Conservation - 12

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Paleobotany - 7

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Palynology - 8

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Phylogeny & Evolution - 12

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Systematics & Taxonomy - 58

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New Species - 28

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*Bauhinia weberbaueri* Harms (Cercidoideae), photo by Colin Hughes.

Bauhinia weberbaueri Harms (Cercidoideae), photo by Colin Hughes.