Issue 69, Year 2022

Content of the issue 69 (2022)


From the Editors

Welcome Note

Legume Phylogeny Working Group Updates

The Legume Phylogeny Working Group

Taxonomy Working Group
Marianne le Roux & Anne Bruneau

Phylogenomics Working Group
Felix Forest

Occurrence Data Working Group
Jens Ringelberg, Edeline Gagnon & Joe Miller

Traits Working Group
Leonardo Borges & Renske Onstein

Legume Data Portal
Anne Bruneau, Carole Sinou & Joe Miller


The Rupert Barneby Award
Benjamin M. Torke

8th International Legume Conference (8ILC)
Marcelo Simon & Tânia Moura

Advances in Legume Systematics 14 - Classification of Caesalpinioideae. Part 1 - New Generic Delimitations.
Compiled by Colin Hughes, Luciano P. de Queiroz, Gwilym P. Lewis

Flora of North America Legume Volume
Tammy Charron

Upcoming Research on Sanjappa
Gopika Suresh & Krishnaraj M.V.


Artist Spotlight: Natanael Nascimento
Compiled by Domingos Cardoso

Gallery of Leguminologists
Colin Hughes, Bruce Maslin & Helen Fortune-Hopkins

Student Digest: Evolution of chemical defenses in Inga
Fransisco J. Velásquez-Puentes

Student Digest: Novel hypothesis on nitrogen fixation
Rachel Souza Ferreira

New Legume Species Highlights 2022
Colin Hughes


Legume Bibliography 2022
Warren Cardinal-McTeague, Colin Hughes, Leonardo Borges & Gwilym P. Lewis

Parkia bahiae H.C.Hopkins, Caesalpinioideae, photo by Colin Hughes