25 November 2022

Fabaceae checklist 2022 now published

The 2022 version of the WCVP: Fabaceae Checklist is now published on ChecklistBank and is also available from the Legume Data Portal and GBIF. This LPWG working group derived checklist was put together by 88 legume taxonomists (look for your name on the checklist and DOI) from 25 countries, vetted by WCVP at Kew. It was submitted to ChecklistBank and World Flora Online from where it was incorporated into GBIFs’ taxonomic backbone and the World Flora Online Portal respectively. All changes have also been included in the respective subfamilies lists in the LDP “Taxonomy” section.

Corrections and updates mainly took place in the Caesalpinioideae (Arquita Gagnon, G.P.Lewis & C.E.Hughes, Biancaea Tod., Coulteria Kunth, Erythrostemon Klotzsch, Guilandina L., Hoffmannseggia Cav., Leucaena Benth., Mimosa L., Parapiptadenia Brenan, Piptadenia Benth., Pityrocarpa (Benth. & Hook.f.) Britton & Rose, Pomaria Cav., Pseudopiptadenia Rauschert and Stryphnodendron Mart.) and Papilionoideae (Acmispon Raf., Amorpha L., Calobota Eckl. & Zeyh., Exostyles Schott, Harleyodendron R.S.Cowan, Holocalyx Micheli, Lebeckia Thunb., Lecointea Ducke, Lotus L., Marina Liebm., Melilotus Mill., Psorothamnus Rydb., Robynsiophyton R.Wilczek, Rothia Pers., Uribea Dugand & Romero, Wiborgia Thunb., Wiborgiella Boatwr. & B.-E.van Wyk and Zollernia Wied-Neuw. & Nees).

Legume checklist versions are now also archived on Zenodo (website).

Thanks to everyone who helped improve and publish the checklist!