Entada rheedei Spreng. Image by dineshvalke via iNaturalist

5 January 2024

How to curate legume names: Read more to use Rhakhis, a Google Speadsheet or the Traditional Checklist

(Portuguese and french versions available)

1. Rhakhis

Log into Rhakhis with your ORCID. Let us know that you will be using Rhkahis here so that we can allocate the relevant editing rights to you.

Search for the name of interest in the A-Z tab and select the relevant record. Make sure that the nomenclatural status is correct to activate other editing options and to place the name within the classification system. All the parts marked in grey are related to nomenclature while the parts marked in orange deal with taxonomy.

A user handbook is available along with some training videos. A sandbox is also available to play around while learning. The system is fairly simple to use and automatically captures metadata in a single place while updates are made.

Unplaced names are visible under the family and genus pages. These need attention by taxon experts to clean up and clarify their application.

2. Google Sheet

This works in the same way as the Excel spreadsheets that were used for checklist editing before, except that the checklist is accessible online and that it contains all the names. The newest version of the Checkist (WCVP: Fabaceae checklist 2023v.4) is available here.

When a filter is applied in the sheet, it is preferable to create a filter view that is only visible to yourself. To do this, go to the Google sheet, click on the Data tab, then Filter Views, and Create a new filter. Use your name to label the filter:

A useful way of getting to the names of interest is by filtering in the accepted name column. Every record checked should be flagged by entering the name of the person that checked the particular record along with the date. If there are changes needed, this should be recorded in the comments field:

3. Traditional checklist

To generate a traditional checklist, go to the Plants of the World Online website and look for the Data tab on the home page and select Build a checklist.

Once you have generated the checklist, copy it to a text editor, activate track changes and make the necessary updates. All checklists must be submitted to the relevant subfamily or tribe coordinator. Here is the list of coordinators:

Subfamily/tribe/clade Coordinator
Caesalpinioideae Anne Bruneau and Marianne le Roux, Juliana Rando
Cercidoideae Anne Bruneau
Detarioideae Manuel de la Estrella
Dialioideae Anne Bruneau
Duparquetioideae Bente Klitgaard
Papilionoideae: Abreae Jan Wieringa
Papilionoideae: Amburaneae Ângela Sartori
Papilionoideae: Amorpheae Sophie Winitsky
Papilionoideae: Andira clade Domingos Cardoso & Toby Pennington
Papilionoideae: Angylocalyceae Maria Povydysh
Papilionoideae: Baphieae Mikhael Goncharov & Maria Povydysh
Papilionoideae: Brongniartieae Luciano Queiroz & Oscar Dorado
Papilionoideae: Camoensieae Rodrigo Schütz Rodrigues
Papilionoideae: Cicereae Firouzeh Javadi
Papilionoideae: Cladrastideae Martin Wojciechowski
Papilionoideae: Crotalarieae Marianne le Roux
Papilionoideae: Dalbergieae Bente Klitgaard
Papilionoideae: Desmodieae Hiroyoshi Ohashi & Kazuaki Ohashi
Papilionoideae: Diocleae Luciano Queiroz
Papilionoideae: Dipterygeae Domingos Cardoso & Haroldo C. de Lima
Papilionoideae: Exostyleae Vidal Mansano
Papilionoideae: Fabeae/Vicieae Greg Kenicer
Papilionoideae: Galegeae Stephen Boatwright
Papilionoideae: Genisteae Annah Moteetee & Ozan Şentürk
Papilionoideae: Hedysareae Mikhael Goncharov & Maria Povydysh
Papilionoideae: Hypocalypteae Stephen Boatwright
Papilionoideae: Indigoferae Rafaël Govaerts & Brian Schrire
Papilionoideae: Leptolobieae Rodrigo Schütz Rodrigues
Papilionoideae: Loteae Dario Alayon, Dmitri Sokoloff & Tatiana Kramina
Papilionoideae: Millettieae Stephen Boatwright & Marcos José da Silva
Papilionoideae: Mirbelioids Russell Barrett
Papilionoideae: Ormosieae Domingos Cardoso & Toby Pennington
Papilionoideae: Phaseoleae Alfonso Delgado Salinas & Annah Moteetee
Papilionoideae: Podalyrieae Stephen Boatwright
Papilionoideae: Psoraleeae Charlie Stirton
Papilionoideae: Robinieae Matt Lavin
Papilionoideae: Sesbanieae Martin Wojciechowski
Papilionoideae: Sophoreae Toby Pennington & Stephen Boartwright
Papilionoideae: Swartzieae Benjamin M. Torke & Vidal Mansano
Papilionoideae: Trifolieae Ana Paula Fortuna
Papilionoideae: Vataireoid clade Domingos Cardoso & Haroldo C. de Lima
Papilionoideae: Wisterieae Jamie Compton
Unresolved/unranked: Dermatophyllum Scheele Toby Pennington & Stephen Boartwright
Unresolved/unranked: Glycyrrhiza Lei Duan
Unresolved/unranked: Neoharmsia Gwil Lewis
Unresolved/unranked: Orphanodendron Gwil Lewis
Unresolved/unranked: Pericopsis Gwil Lewis
Unresolved/unranked: Sakoanala Gwil Lewis

If you need further assistance, please contact Marianne le Roux, Juliana Rando, or Anne Bruneau.