13 March 2024

Legume Check-a-thon - April 2024

We are excited to announce another name check-a-thon taking place within your personal workspace from 8-12 April 2024.


The Legume Phylogeny Working Group (LPWG) created a Taxonomy Working Group with the task of creating a community-endorsed, global legume checklist to support all areas of legume research. Until now, about 49% of all legume genera have been verified but we still have some work to do! With the upcoming International Botanical Congress taking place in Madrid, Spain, in July 2024, we are ambitious and are aiming to complete all verifications in preparation of the conference. Through this effort, we will be able to identify areas that require expertise to be developed.

How will it work?

The check-a-thon takes place online in Zoom. It will start with an information and demonstration session on Monday 8 April at 7:00 (EST). From then onwards, we will let you work on the curation of names at your own pace in your own environment. There will be a check-in session on Wednesday 10 April at 7:00 (EST). Assistance will be available for the majority of the check-a-thon and for this you can contact us directly by email and we can either respond or set-up an online meeting with you individually. On Friday, 12 April at 9:00 (EST), the winner of the check-a-thon will be announced during a short closing session.

How to prepare

Make sure you have access to enough data and a strong wifi connection so that we can all ‘sit together’ while checking names throughout the week. Collect necessary literature and type specimen information that you think might be useful prior to the meeting to check names. Alternatively, have all the links to literature databases and herbaria nearby. Make sure you have an ORCID beforehand.

Methods to edit names

  1. Rhakhis
  2. Google Sheets
  3. Traditional checklist (in a text editor)

More information will follow later.

Who should participate

All legume taxonomic experts from across the world are invited to participate.

The latest checklist

The latest version (2023v.4) of the WCVP: Fabaceae checklist is available on the Legume Data Portal or on Zenodo (for download).

How to get involved

Get in touch with Marianne le Roux, Anne Bruneau or Juliana Rando if you want to participate!