01 August 2023

Checklist update: a new version of the Legume checklist (2023v.4) has been published on Zenodo

In 2023, two checklist versions of the WCVP: Fabaceae Checklist were published, one in June (2023v.3) and another in August (2023v.4). The latest version is available on ChecklistBank and the Legume Data Portal. The legume checklist forms part of the GBIF and the World Flora Online (WFO) taxonomic backbones.

The publication of Advances in Legume Systematics volume 14 affected several names and updates were recorded in the Caesalpinioideae subfamily for Abarema Pittier, Adenanthera L., Blanchetiodendron Barneby & J.W.Grimes, Cenostigma Tul., Chamaecrista Moench, Conzattia Rose, Coulteria Kunth, Enterolobium Mart., Erythrostemon Klotzsch, Heteroflorum M.Sousa, Hydrochorea Barneby & J.W.Grimes, Jupunba Britton & Rose, Leucaena Benth., Leucochloron Barneby & J.W.Grimes, Macrosamanea Britton & Rose, Parkia R.Br. and Punjuba Britton & Rose. Changes were also recorded in the Papilionoideae subfamily for Libidibia Schltdl. and Lonchocarpus Kunth along with other minor corrections across subfamilies. A major contribution to the 2023v.3 checklist was the incorporation of the World Wide Wattle database.

After the 2023v.3 checklist was published on Checklist Bank and imported into the World Flora Online taxonomic backbone, several data queries arose during data quality checks. Because of the large number of improvements, it was decided to publish another version of the legume checklist in August (2023v.4).

The legume datasets include Catalogue of Life, International Plant Name Index (IPNI), Plants of the World Online and World Flora Online identifiers.

The LPWG working group derived checklists were put together by 96 legume taxonomists from 26 countries, vetted by the Plant and Fungal Names Team at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Legume checklist versions are archived on Zenodo.

Thanks to everyone who helped improve and publish the checklists!

Going forward, the legume checklist can be edited via one of three platforms:

  1. Google Sheet

  2. Traditional checklist

  3. Rhakhis (name editing tool)

Name editing have been streamlined and can now be done online in the Rhakhis system (the editing platform underlying the World Flora Online Plant List). Links to more information about the Rhakhis platform can be accessed here.

If you want to join the Taxonomy Working Group and help to update names, please register online. For any questions, contact Marianne le Roux, Anne Bruneau or Juliana Rando.