Paubrasilia echinata (Lam.) Gagnon, H.C.Lima & G.P.Lewis. Photo by mavc via iNaturalist

31 October 2023

Call for contribution for Advances in Legume Systematics 15

We invite all leguminologists to contribute manuscripts to the next volume of the Advances in Legume Systematics, a traditional series of volumes dedicated to legume research.

The most recent International Legume Conference took place in August 2023 in Pirenópolis, Brazil. Following the steps of previous International Legume Conferences, Advances 15 aims on publishing papers derived from the works presented at the 8th International Legume Conference. Nonetheless, to increase participation of the entire legume community, manuscripts from colleagues who did not attend the conference will also be considered for publication.

As the conference was held in Brazil, we have teamed with the Brazilian Journal of Botany, one of the most traditional journals of the country, to publish Advances 15 as a special edition of the journal.

The submission deadline is extended to 30 November 2023.

Please visit the journal’s website for more information on how to contribute to Advances in Legume Systematics 15.

Marcelo Simon, Tânia de Moura, Leonardo Borges, Marianne le Roux, Luciano Queiroz