31 August 2023

8th International Legume Conference - Outcomes!

The Organizing Committee thanks all 147 delegates from 18 countries for their participation at the 8ILC. Overall, the 8ILC was a major success - people from all over the world were able to meet in person, present some very exciting research, and establish new connections and collaborations.

Summary of the Conference

Read more at the updated 8ILC website.

Call for papers!

We invite all attendees (and also those who missed the conference) to contribute manuscripts to the next volume of the Advances in Legume Systematics, an important ongoing series of volumes dedicated to legume research. Submissions are open and go until 31 October 2023.

Please visit the journal’s website for more info on how to contribute.

Photo Book

The 8ILC website now includes a series of photographs showing special moments we shared at Pirenópolis.

Check the photos


We are already thinking about the 9th International Legume Conference! Keep an eye open for our next email with more info on where and when the next conference will be.

Marcelo Simon & Tânia Moura on behalf of the 8ILC organizing committee