11 July 2022

Delonix collection in Oasis Wildlife Botanical Garden in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

The Oasis Wildlife Botanical Garden in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands grows many succulent plant species and has a large area devoted to plants of the spiny forest of Madagascar. They grow Delonix regia, D. decaryi, D. pumila, D. floribunda, D. leucantha, D. boiviniana and even have a small specimen of D. velutina. Some species (D. regia, D. decaryi, D. pumila and D. floribunda) flower and set fruit regularly, so they are abe to reproduce them. The garden also grows Colvillea, which flowers every year but has never set fruit. They are looking to complete their collection and are looking for seeds of D. edule, D. brachycarpa and D. tomentosa.

To learn more about this interesting collection, do not hesitate to contact Stephan Scholz, Technical Director, Jardín Botánico Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura.