25 August 2022

New Generic Delimitations in Caesalpinioideae

Advances in Legume Systematics 14. Classification of Caesalpinioideae Part 1: New generic delimitations has been published as a Special Issue of the Open Access, peer-reviewed journal PhytoKeys. Edited by Colin E. Hughes, Luciano P. de Queiroz, and Gwilym P. Lewis, this special volume includes 16 papers focused on generic delimitation across subfamily Caesalpinioideae. These papers address the extensive non-monophyly of genera across the subfamily. Nine new genera are described (Boliviadendron, Gretheria, Gwilymia, Heliodendron, Marlimorimia, Mezcala, Naiadendron, Osodendron, Ricoa), five genera are reinstated (Anonychium, Neltuma, Pseudalbizzia, Strombocarpa, Ticanto), and three genera are subsumed into synonymy of other genera (Balizia, Elephantorrhiza, Pseudopiptadenia), bringing the number of Caesalpinioideae genera to 163. In total, 139 new name combinations are proposed. The generic re-circumscriptions include splitting of the large pantropical genus Albizia (the last ‘dustbin’ genus of mimosoid legumes), and the amphi-Atlantic Prosopis, one of the most important silvopastoral tree genera of tropical drylands. These taxonomic changes fundamentally re-shape the generic classification of Caesalpinioideae and lay foundations for a new higher-level classification of the subfamily, the focus of ALS14 14 Part 2, which is currently being assembled. Read more about this new publication on the Pensoft Blog Post