30 April 2021

Call for the special Phytokeys Issue: Advances in Legume Systematics 14. Classification of subfamily Caesalpinioideae (Leguminosae)

Following previous volumes of Advances in Legume Systematics, a special issue of Phytokeys focusing on the classification of subfamily Caesalpinioideae is in preparation, and is currently accepting submissions.

While the classification of the legumes into six subfamiles is now widely accepted (Legume Phylogeny Working Group in Taxon, 2017, 66: 44-77), the classification within subfamily Caesalpinioideae has remained unresolved due to a lack of phylogenetic resolution across the large paraphyletic grade subtending the mimosoid clade. Furthermore, the generic classification of this subfamily and especially the Mimosoid clade (with c. 88 genera) remains in a state of considerable flux due to lack of effective pantropical integration and widespread homoplasy of almost all morphological characters that have been used to delimit genera.

This Special Issue of PhytoKeys aims to present and publish: (i) this new phylogeny demonstrating the extent of generic non-monophyly; (ii) a new tribal / clade-based classification of subfamily Caesalpinioideae; (iii) a series of papers that focus on generic re-delimitation of particular clades to deal with the majority of the genera that are currently non-monophyletic, including publication of new names and combinations as far as possible.

Special Issue editors: Colin E. Hughes, Luciano de Queiroz, Gwilym Lewis

More information available on Phytokeys website

Deadline for submissions: DECEMBER 15, 2021