03 February 2021

Call for contributions to the 2020 Bean Bag – Issue Number 67

Dear Bean Bag readers, The Bean Bag started in 1974 on the initiative of Charles (Bob) Gunn and Richard Cowan and the first printed issue was distributed 45 years ago in May 1975. The aim of the annual newsletter is to keep legume researchers informed about new publications, events and projects focused on the systematics of the family Leguminosae. As indicated by Brigitte Marazzi in her recent message, Warren Cardinal-McTeague and Colin Hughes are taking the helm as joint editors. A big thank you to Brigitte for all her hard work as editor these last years.

We are now seeking contributions for the 2020 issue (Nr. 67) of Bean Bag. We welcome a wide range of contributions: communications, announcements, stories, summaries of conferences and meetings, details of legume papers and other publications from 2020 (including new species, combinations/classifications), commentaries on recent legume papers, and any other short text that you think could be relevant for the Bean Bag readership.

Please also share your best 2020 images illustrating legume species, including legumes featuring on journal covers, by sending your image (.jpg format, high-resolution) along with a description of the image including the scientific name of the portrayed plant (full credit will be given to photographers).

Please note that full scientific studies or abstracts are usually not accepted.

Deadline for submissions: DECEMBER 15, 2020 to beanb…@gmail.com