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07 December 2023

Appel à soumission de résumé pour le XXème International Botanical Congress

Dear legume community,

We hope you are all doing well. We also hope we can see many of you at the XX International Botanical Congress, that will be in Madrid between July 21st and 27th 2024. For the legumes more specifically we have three accepted symposia:

The first two symposia are being organized by Rafaela Trad, Ozan Şentürk and Greg Kenicer and will focus on the advances in the subfamily Papilionoideae. The third one is being organized by Manuel de la Estrella and Dario Ojeda and will focus on the advances in the other subfamilies. It means we will have 18 talks about legumes! We also encourage everyone who is interested in giving a talk to submit an abstract for an oral presentation. The submission system is open and the deadline is December 8th. The guidelines can be accessed here.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions. And, please, help us to spread the news.

With all best wishes,

Dario, Greg, Manuel, Ozan and Rafaela