Issue 67: Advances in Legume Systematics 14: Classification of Caesalpinioideae

Erik Koenen, Colin Hughes, Anne Bruneau, and Gwilym Lewis

We are planning to assemble and publish a special issue in a taxonomic journal (possibly PhytoKeys, but other options are being considered) devoted to the systematics of Caesalpinioideae, as part of the Advances in Legume Systematics (ALS) series. This special issue will feature:

  1. A new phylogenomic framework sampling nearly all genera in the subfamily.
  2. A new tribal classification for Caesalpinioideae, potentially published under the LPWG umbrella.
  3. A particular focus on generic delimitation in the Mimosoid clade,
  4. We invite contributions on all aspects of Caesalpinioideae taxonomy, but in particular contributions involving generic delimitation and nomenclatural changes in the Mimosoid clade.

If you are interested in contributing to ALS14, please send an email to We will then keep you informed and invite you to an online meeting to be organised in March 2021 to further discuss these plans. We look forward to hearing from you!

Left to right: Stryphnodendron rotundifolium, Balizia pedicillaris, Piptadenia flava (photos Colin Hughes) and Hydrochorea corymbosa (photo Erik Koenen).